Seagate Service Center – replace the disk promptly

If your Seagate hard disk has been damaged, you would like to repair it as soon as possible as there may be crucial data stored in it. For this, you can visit any Seagate service center for prompt repairing. Not only the repairing but an urgent data recovery form the hard disk can also be ensured. However, only the hard disk purchased from authorized Seagate retailers or reseller will qualify for the warranty and hence for the replacement and repairing services from the centers. The warranty period depends on the type of product and the place of purchasing. Usually the warrant period is given anywhere in between one to five years.

For warrant service you should contact an authorized Seagate service center. You can also contact the company on their website for details about the servicing and the location of it. After the Seagate service center decides that your hard disk requires replacement or repair, you will be contacted for details regarding your name and address, phone number and will be issued a Return Order Number at the time of returning he disk to Seagate. You can collect the disk on specified date from the service center.

But if there is no service center in your locality or the center is too far from your place, then you can even courier your hard disk to the service center. You will then get back the replaced disk on the specified date from the center. Give the details of the disk correctly.


One response to “Seagate Service Center – replace the disk promptly

  1. please provide me seagate hdd repalcement service centre in nehru place

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